it's been a long time since i rock n rolled

2013-10-10 03:59:48 by Gunshy

that's such a great song...
anyway, it's been a long time. sup.
shit's been crazy. that's thing 1.
but there's something else that's been gnawing at me for months.
part of the problem, here at Gunshy Industries is that i hate 99% of the music that's out there right now. a very, very dear friend of mine says that trends don't even matter. and it's true. they're nothing. Bieber is a construct. The Jonas Brothers are a packaged commodity. anyone who really loves music in general should recognize that that's not real music at all. it's a product and a distraction. i've been trying to make my newer lyrics and melodies simpler and more direct, faster and catchier, and thus i myself run the risk of attempting the same trick. someday i want to write a song that's so dumb and catchy that it has no choice but to become an international super-hit. we all do. every one of us. but i probably hate your music, too.
there have been exactly two albums that i have listened to the hell out of at this point. if they were tapes in my car like in high school, i'd have had to buy new copies by now. and even those albums, i made a mix CD for my car with basically the first half of Random Access Memories and the first half of Yeezus combined, with room to spare for Lil Wayne's God Bless Amerika and him & Eminem doing No Love as bookends to the whole CD. true story: i listened to the first six songs of RAM for like 2 months straight, and when Get Lucky became this huge radio hit i didn't even know it was Daft Punk for like 2 weeks. true story! and i was listening to fucking Daft Punk in 1997. by the same token, yeah, i totally should have known it was them. i love those guys. them and the guys from Ween should really get together. or Ween and Yo La Tengo. i've been listening to a lot of The Allman Brothers, a personal favorite. their live shit is incredible.
but back in January-February, i listened to 3 things for 2 months straight for some reason.
1) Frederick Chopin - Piano Sonata #2 - Funeral March
2) Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
3) Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska (the entire album)
add in the the rap and disco from the summer, and it's been a pretty fucking crazy year, musically, regardless of everything else. and yes, my musical interests are all over the fucking map. yes. welcome.
another part of the problem here is that i don't have anything to sell. i don't mean the music itself. i have no ass to shake, if you ask me. there's no gimmick, here. and nobody can compete with a girl wearing a meat suit and another riding construction equipment naked. i certainly can't. it's just been about music the whole time, here. i've never even really had any ideas for music videos for my songs, and i went to two semesters of fucking film school. pathetic.
ugh. i hope some of that explains things, and i hope it - and my attitude about it - starts to change. it's not just that i keep trying to write songs, but because i miss music being fun. i miss it like hell. and it's my own fault. it really is. and part of that is that i reversed my whole recording process for the last 6 or 7 songs, and simultaneously removed everything exciting about recording guitar and making the drum patterns for the songs. the results were mixed. and now, i've somewhat paralyzed myself with the backwardness of that process. i hate the staleness in the drums in the newest crop of songs i've published here, and the newer songs i've been working on sound even worse.
so i have to drop a reverse card on my own reverse card.
and just drop a tempo and hit record. somebody just smack me, because yeah it should just be that easy. and it is. but i just kept trying to plod ahead with the drums using guide instruments in FLP that i'll just take out later and have to re-do and yes it sounds ass-backwards. just hit record.
another night.
i hope.
and another night.

it's been a long time since i rock n rolled


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2013-10-12 06:20:29

Man that's a block of text. How about adding some space betwen paragraphs or something? I didn't know Get Lucky was daft punk either, until just recently... true story! In retrospect it shouldn't have been so hard to figure out but the song's something completely different.

What kind of insect is that? Haven't seen anything like it.

Gunshy responds:

yeah, i should at least indent, right?
I'm not sure what kind of bug that is. It was on the water cooler we had at my work last year.