not-so-shameless self-promotional post

2013-02-27 17:08:11 by Gunshy

dystopian new wave grunge rock n' roll
blues + metal + pop = grunge
Nirvana + Pink Floyd + Tool + Beatles = Gunshy Army

Feel free to suggest a new band name.

So... okay. If you like any of the Grunge/Rock songs I've posted here over the years... then this is how you can show me.
First of all, you are HERE... right here, where it all began.
But if you can, you should go HERE - to the Gunshy Army Facebook Page - and click that silly 'Like' button thingy... it's really me behind the curtain!
And if you know ReverbNation, then you should definitely go HERE for some Gunshy Army streaming music and some of the OTHER hottest new artists while you're at it.
But if you still happen to use MySpace, then maybe try out THIS link, but if you don't it might just be fun to see if MySpace still even exists... right? Cuz it does. and they actually made it A LOT more music-centric. So LOTS and LOTS of Gunshy Army songs, in awesome high-quality... seriously. I'm not kidding.

And still, the best way to really help me (so far) and help us (make music) to help you (and us) make the world a better place in general is by buying any one of my self-published weird novels in paperback or hardcover from this weird site that never quite took off that USED TO PUBLISH MUSIC, right?

But there's lots of cool stuff there, like my 1st book, which reads exactly like a journal kept by a 17-year-old (the main character) should sound... especially while he's on a mass murdering road trip with his three friends from 6th Period Lunch.

So... yeah. Long live rock and roll and literature! Play it loud. Shit, read it out loud.
Stay weird. Be well.

not-so-shameless self-promotional post


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