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2013-02-17 16:01:00 by Gunshy

Way back in the day I wrote about how I keep lists of all the projects that I have yet to work on, so I thought I'd finally post a couple of those lists here. (By writing/revealing song/story titles and concepts here, I am thereby, in effect, copyrighting said titles of works for commercial purposes. So there. I'm paranoid like that. One thing that I hope i can start doing by the end of the year is making instrumentals again, for people to use in movies and games. ive focused so closely on song-by-song shit, i had all but forgotten what it was like to just make music with fruityloops instead of planning out every single millisecond of an entire composition. Just making music. I really miss it.)

SONGS (as yet unheard):
Woulda Shoulda Coulda (OR: Secretless)
Finger On It
Don't You (Déjà Vu)
Empty (You Make Me)
Plucky Comic Relief
New Dark Age
Chains Will Come Off
Big Baby
Quitting Before Saving

(and this isn't counting shit I want to re-record: Waiting To Die, Four Chords, As If, etc.)

Without You (I Can't Live)
Something In The Way
Crimson and Clover
It's So Hard To Fall In Love

(just finishing up) Life Is A Temp Position
(already started) Past Medical History
Expiration Date
Greet Death
The Chronicle of New Mike
Rogues & Scallywags
Weakness & Confusion
Twin Flames

...and there's some more in there I'm forgetting, I'm sure. Odds n ends short stories n such that fly under some of those same banners. Like "Twin Flames" is actually that story and "The Lizard's Den" and both exist in the same fantasy-genre universe. Testament is also a whole collection of short stories that are based on real events. Maybe only real events to me. So it is what it is. Semi-autobiographical stories about me growing up in the fictional White Horse City. My street and neighborhood next to the fictional Sanhican River. Some of my college experiences at the fictional and historic White Horse University - two semesters. All of these are gritty, often brutal depictions of the American Northeast Corridor urban experience.

I want to say, thanks for sticking around, everybody. I am.


p.s.: i'll probably write some hellaciously dark song next, just because that's where i've been lately. but i have to say that generally speaking, the power-grunge-poppyness as of late will not stop or slow down. it has only grown roots and legs and whatnot, in new songs like "finger on it" and "don't you" and a few others. i have been listening to too much classic rock, rap, and r&b in my life to not be seduced by the power of the fucking beat. i want the music to sound a little more sexy than it should. my hope is that it gives grunge some hips and wings. grunge can swing. so for the cover songs, i'm gonna do what i do, grungify themt. it's all blues/grunge when i'm playing it, anyway. i can't help it. i can't help but but this fucking twang crunch in here and there. it's too fun to play like i try to play. that's why i don't normally cover nirvana songs. they're mostly boring to play, unless you fuck with them somehow. kurdt would, constantly.
p.p.s.: at least two of these stories, "Twin Flames" and 'Rogues,' have to do with NEOs, like DA14 that passed us the other day. This kinda shit? I can't imagine seeing it in person. Horrifyingly awesome. Anyway, in my stories, a giant comet passing the planet, in the case of Twin Moons, and in the second case it's a rogue planet that's on a collision course with Earth. That's R&S, and it should be fun to finish up. Because no, there's nothing they can do. The main character in that one's a master hacktivist in the year 2400. He's contacted by the human-looking aliens living inside the rogue planet, and helps them engineer a worldwide TV takeover to announce the impending collision. So be on the lookout for that in the weeks and months to come; plus, a story about a supervolcano explosion, and probably the songs "Don't You" and the Nirvana cover coming in the next few weeks. I hope. ...I know. Waiting sucks. But I work a lot. And life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. Like these lists. And these songs. Besides, I really have to finish Life Is A Temporary Position first. It's the first in a planned trilogy, so y'know...? I was hoping it would be a short book, and now it's almost 300 pages. Short, for me, but hopefully not TLDR for you. But we're so close to the end, it's almost within reach, and there's so little time left...

The Docket


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