proof of life

2013-01-26 04:04:55 by Gunshy

Hey, it's me. I feel like I'm emerging, and it may be out of the frying pan and into the fire... or the opposite. Or something else entirely. I want to thank Silver for his kind words of gratitude and encouragement. Also RiotFlash, Sour Cherry, Chickengod, Vojife, and all the rest who've messaged me over the years about how the music i've made helped them thru dark times, rough times, or just helped them breathe a little bit. i've felt like i've been drowning for the past year and a half. but now i feel like my head is just poking up above the water. thanks for for helping me breathe, everybody. thanks for helping to pull me out. there's still a long way... lol to the top.
of rock n' roll.
Stay weird
Be well


proof of life


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2013-01-26 11:08:04

hang in there kitty


2013-01-27 01:29:30

I feel like that cat really has my back...